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White Meat, or the Other White Meat?
3/27/2012  •  Comment (1)

Greek-Style Pork Sandwich

When I was growing up, my mom looked for easy recipes in women’s magazines.  She had a shoebox full of stuff that sounded good but never got made.  Then there were the keepers, like a pseudo-gyro sandwich from the pork people.

In the 80’s the National Pork Board was on a marketing blitz to re-image pork away from its reputation as a fatty meat and promote it as “the other white meat.” In fact, if you don’t eat pork, you can substitute chicken in many of the recipes from those days that call for strips of pork loin. 

The new pork website has moved away from toting pork as “the other white meat” to “get inspired.”  Some of those old recipes have evolved too, addressing the increased time pressures that undermine cooking at home.  One of my family’s favorites, for a Greek-style pita sandwich, now uses bottled Caesar salad dressing instead of a homemade marinade.  This isn’t the worst thing if you really need an almost instant dinner – if you want, you can find an all-natural bottled dressing.  I’m pretty skeptical about their use of bottled cucumber dressing instead of tzatziki though. 

I still prefer to make my adaptation of the original recipe that uses fresh ingredients, either with boneless chicken or strips sliced from thick boneless pork loin chops.  Sometimes the kids aren’t so into the tzatziki, so I always serve sliced cucumbers on the side.

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These sound delicious.  I think that giving kids control over toppings is an easy way to help them be more open to trying different foods.
SusanR SusanR