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Sludge, You Say? I Say This Cilantro Pesto is the Elixer of Life
1/25/2012  •  Comment

Cilantro PestoI find that pleasing the palates of both grown-ups and kids in the same meal often involves add-ons.  Sometimes this means having too much of a good thing like the gorgeous cilantro I bought  for these delicious Pork Meatball Bahn Mi Sandwiches I found on Canadian food writer Julie Van Rosendaal’s website. 

I had hesitated to buy the cilantro just so the grown-ups could have a few sprigs, but even if the kids didn’t touch it, we parents modeled eating green stuff!  I’m happy to say that overall, the sandwiches did their job of expanding palates thanks to the complex Asian flavors in the juicy meatballs.

What to do with all the cilantro, though?  The easiest way I could think of to use so much at one time would be to make some sort of pesto.  I actually had a bunch of parsley I wanted to use too, so I threw that into Real Simple’s recipe for Cilantro Pesto along with the cilantro.  

This pesto is packed with heart-healthy goodness -- olive oil, garlic, green stuff, and not much else.   So, the cilantro will get a second life in pesto form as an add-on for the grown-ups.  Tonight, it goes straight onto broiled chicken breasts. Later this week, it'll get mixed with Greek yogurt and diced cucumber to make a riff on tsatsiki to serve alongside baked salmon. 

Hurrrah!  Two easy dinners, and I don’t have to watch perfectly good herbs wilt in the fridge.

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