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Best. Bread Pans. Ever.
1/15/2010  •  Comment (1)
By Kate


I tried out my new bread pans on a batch of banana bread. The results were fantastic! I had been using crummy grocery store non-stick bread pans that overbrowned the crust. Finally, I bit the bullet and bought a pair of genuine Made in USA Lincoln WearEver bread pans (8-1/2" x 4-1/2). They are the perfect size for most of the normal two-loaf quick bread recipes I use.


I had read reviews and looked at pans in fancy and regular cooking stores, and no one seemed to carry "non" non-stick adonized aluminum pans. I knew that I wanted this type because my Allied Spinning (made in Brooklyn) round cake pans are excellent. Anyway, these are similar to pans my mom bought in the fifties and I love them! I know that they`ll last decades too.


One more thing--they`re seamless! Cleanup is much easier than with the folded metal loaf pans.



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Do you have a preferred type of pan you use for baking quick breads?  Yeast breads?
Kate Kate