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Blog: Once Again, Thank you.
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Thank you so much to all my Clay Friends, specially for those who attend my Despidida and an Advance Happy Birthday before. 

You gave me so much good memories and a friendship to keep. I never expect that everyone will give me gift and presence to keeps.

Thank you for your time and presence that day, i still keep it as my precious memories. Hope one day we will get together again. Miss you much guys.

Here's what i received that day:

Happiness, Friendship, and Memories from everyone
Presence of Cherybin of Cb Onlineshop, Cathy of Crafters Depot, of course si wafu CB.
CurlFormers from Tukayo MJ
Hand made Chibis and Red Pouch from Ate Peach and queen of chibi Thina of ClayThinz
Cake from Ate Love of Labor of Love
Handmade Steampunk entry of Sir Nathan Andrew
Hand made Steampunk entry and Pancit Malabon from Ate Dins of Mohini
Sexy Tops, a birthday gift from Ate Peach :)

It makes me feel so special, pero sana wag special child hehehe LMAO :-))
Sobrang Thank you talaga, i'll never forget every memories that we have. I am so proud to be a member and admin of CFSociety. :-bd

Once Again, Thank you so much. :-*


Welcome Ms. Jein. I'm happy to meet you in person.  :)
God Bless.
Love Love