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POLL: Do you run your own business from home or do you work from a home office for an employer?
6/12/2009  •  Comment
By Tina

Hello Fellow WorkingFromHome colleagues,

How have you been?  It has been a while since we last met up...or corresponded at all.

We are now 19 members strong. 

I have a poll I would be interested in having you respond to:


A. Do you run your own business from home?


B. Do you work from a home office for an employer?

For me, the answer is B. I work from home for a company based in Montreal Canada.


What do you use Twitter for? Or if you don`t use it, why?

I ask this question because at a recent event, the other 4 folks there all run their own business from their home.  I was there more for social reasons than how to market my business.  Nonetheless the conversation was sooo interesting. We talked mostly about Social Networking and how to effectively market yourself (COMPANY) or "listen" to the trends and topics - especially on Twitter.  Also, how to leverage contacts on LinkedIn and Facebook.  And, what is the best place for a company to promote their brand...using the proper "etiquette" for these sites, especially Twitter.  You should always "provide helpful information" to folks...not just tout your message about your brand.  Folks will Unfollow you if you keep doing the latter.  Also, the types of twittering - what you ate for breakfast; buzz while you are at a conference; hot trends, etc seem to be of varied interest.  We are living in an evolutive era - we know both print and digital/online...and I wonder how long until /if / we are a paperless society?????

I think I see the sun trying to shine through the clouds - finally!

Have a g-r-e-a-t weekend everyone!

Cheers,Tina Stamfor, CT USA



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