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Wedding Registry Dos and Don'ts
4/23/2012  •  Comment
By BettyG

Wedding Gift

There are a lot of things to keep in mind when setting up a wedding gift registry. I was overwhelmed when a sales associate placed a scanner in my hand, said "Have fun!," and walked away. The entire store was at my disposal; where to begin? Here are some tips that helped me organize the wish-list as well as the thank-you notes aspects of wedding gifts:

DO register for gifts together. Your spouse-to-be probably will think it's fun, and after all, your gifts will go into the home you’ll be sharing together.

DO select items in a range of prices, from inexpensive to pricey.  We needed napkins and place mats as well as a stand mixer, and this allowed guests to select something within their budget.

DO register at more than one store to give guests the opportunity to shop where it’s most convenient for them. We did not do this and I wish we had; we ended up with a lot of gifts from other stores, which meant two toasters and three can openers.

DON'T go crazy with the scanner. My fiance managed to register for three propane grills, a fish tank, and a single light bulb before I wrested the scanner away from him. 

DON'T register at a store that doesn't have a shopping-enabled website UNLESS you have covered your bases by registering at another store. The shop we selected had an online presence as well as a physical one.  My tech-savvy brother and out-of-town guests could buy over the Internet, while family and friends who live in our community could purchase in person.

DON'T forget to say thank-you! Buy thank-you notes early on and send them promptly. The more notes that are sent before the wedding, the easier it will be to send the rest after returning from the honeymoon. I'm rarely prompt about anything -- I was, in fact, late to my wedding -- but I am proud of the fact that I sent thank-you notes within three weeks of receiving each gift.

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