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The Perfect Wedding Program
5/9/2012  •  Comment
By BettyG

Wedding Program as Fan

Wedding programs are a great way for guests to know who's who at the altar and what to expect from the ceremony. They also make wonderful keepsakes. I designed my own wedding programs for a personal touch. People were coming up to me all night at the reception to tell me how much they liked the programs!

Wedding programs are not mandatory, of course, but for those who choose to have them, there are a few things to keep in mind:

• Wedding programs can be expensive, but they don't have to be. Couples can spend as little as the cost of printer paper, or as much as $2,000, depending on their budgets and how fancy they want to get. Our programs were mid-range, but more expensive than I thought they would be.

• An option to cut costs is to make DIY (do-it-yourself) programs. This requires a fair amount of effort and time. Still, going DIY is an excellent way to personalize the programs and save money.

• Programs can be simple, listing only the order of the ceremony, or they can be more complex. Our wedding programs not only listed the order of the ceremony, but also the names of attendants, the music used in the ceremony, the reading from the Bible, and a special note about the history of the ceremony venue, followed by a thank-you page.

• Get creative! The program can be a single sheet of paper, or a pamphlet, or a bound booklet. It can be any shape or size, limited only by imagination and the capabilities of the vendor used. I was especially proud of ours: a thin, rectangular program that guests could fan out and use to cool themselves – a thoughtful touch for summer weddings.

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