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Quotes from the Zohar
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The Zohar Volume 4 Verse 87

But the Holy One, blessed be He, is always strict with the Righteous in every deed they do. Because He knows they will not turn away, neither to the right nor the left, He constantly tests them. Nor for His own sake DOES THE HOLY ONE, BLESSED BE HE, TEST THEM, as He knows their desire and the firmness of their faith and has no need of trying them. He tries them only to lift up their heads, to give them confidence as they earn their merits through these EXPERIENCES.

The Zohar Volume 5 Verse 21

Come and behold, Isaac was with his wife for twenty years, but she did not give birth until he had said his prayer. This is because the Holy One, blessed be He, desires the prayer of the righteous, when they ask Him in prayer for their needs. Why? Because the anointing oil will be increased by the prayer of the righteous for all those in need of it. FOR THE RIGHTEOUS IN THEIR PRAYER OPEN THE SUPERNAL CHANNEL, AND THEN EVEN THE PRAYERS OF THE UNWORTHY ARE ANSWERED.

The Zohar Volume 4 Verse 132

Esau hid these garments with Rivkah and wore them when he went hunting. On the day WHEN ISAAC SENT FOR HIM TO RECEIVE THE BLESSINGS, he did not take them to the field and was therefore late. When Esau wore them, they put forth no scent at all, but when Jacob wore them, the lost object was restored AS THEY RETURNED TO THE ASPECT OF ADAM. For the beauty of Jacob was the beauty of Adam. They therefore returned to their place and emitted fragrance.