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Expand Your Perception of Reality to Include the Unseen
11/22/2009  •  Comment
By zzirf

Sense Beyond the World You Perceive
Through the Study of Kabbalah

It is a well known fact that we perceive the world using our five senses. In this way, we are like a black box that only perceives the things entering it from outside. It is affected or pressured by external forces and then reacts to these influences.

Whatever enters this self-contained system (us) through the five senses goes on to be recorded, processed, and analyzed by a complicated system we call “the brain.” The resulting picture constitutes our entire perceivable reality.

The Internal Picture of Our World

So, what we perceive is our reactions to external influences. It is the culmination of our senses processing all the external information that comes our way. The entire collection of our sensations gives us an internal picture called “our world.” Thus, even though the world appears to be outside us, it is actually an entirely subjective, internal picture. Using just our five senses, we are unable to compare the objective reality existing outside us with the subjective reality existing inside us.

Is it possible for us to get around the limitations of our perception? Scientists have invented a wide array of instruments to expand the range of our sensations, including microscopes and telescopes. However, none of these tools are able to provide us with a truly new sense. No matter how much we expand the range of our five senses, we still remain trapped within the framework of our regular sensations.

Collectively we all share common sensations that enable us to communicate with each other, exchange signs and impressions, and understand each other. All our senses, which are organs of receiving information, are built in order to receive, record, process, and evaluate the incoming information exclusively according to its benefit to us.

Expanding Our Perception

But could it be that there is something else outside of us that we don’t quite feel or identify? Kabbalah – a wisdom of expanding human perception, reveals that indeed, there is a whole additional world outside of us, whose existence we don’t even suspect. Our five senses simply don’t “pick it up,” and therefore we do not feel it.

The word “Kabbalah” means reception. It is a method enabling us to develop an additional sense for “receiving” information about that which exists in the external universe. By mastering this method, one starts feeling the surrounding world in a completely different way.

Sensing the Spiritual World

Kabbalists are ordinary people just like you and me; the only difference is that they have developed a new sense that enables them to feel an additional realm of reality, the spiritual world. The method of doing this is ancient and scientific, with its own mathematical, methodological, and psychological systems. It investigates the mechanics of man’s inner world and demonstrates how one can go beyond his internal sensations in order to attain the external ones, even before they start affecting his five senses.

Attaining the Spiritual World – Total Perfection and Eternity

Equipped with the Kabbalistic method, a person living in our world, in a physical body,

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