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Trying Out a Staycation With My Kids
6/19/2012  •  Comment
By SusanR


Staycations are perfect for families on a budget--and for families who find it difficult to travel with young ones.

Last summer, my family tried out a week-long staycation. At first, my kids weren't particularly excited about it--the idea of spending a week at home with the parents sounded suspiciously like being grounded--but after a couple of days, they saw that it could be a lot of fun.

We went letterboxing; checked out a local farm, where the kids got to pick their own strawberries; made a kid-friendly dinner as a family, with strawberry pie for dessert; visited a nearby petting zoo; and explored a regional park we'd never been to.  And that was just the first three days!

Another idea I'd recommend is taking the kids to a local sports game. Minor league baseball, for example, is a lot of fun to watch and much less expensive to attend than a major league game.

One thing we didn't do that I would like to do next time is to pretend we are tourists in our hometown. We could find new places where we could go sightseeing, shop at different shops from our usual ones, and try new restaurants, all while looking at our town through the eyes of a tourist. The kids might get a whole new appreciation for their area!

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