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Thinking Ahead About the Kids' Summer
2/17/2012  •  Comment (1)
By SusanR

Summer Days Ahead

The other day a friend mentioned to me that she was starting to think about summer plans for her children. It’s only February, but I know I need to start thinking too.

Registration for many summer camps is starting, and local parenting magazines at the pediatrician's office and other places kids go are filled with ads. Now is the time to think about what your kids will be doing this summer.

There's a lot to consider: camp or no camp? If you choose a camp, will it be day or sleep-away? What about type--academic, religious, technology, sports? If you opt not to enroll your kids in camp, how will you keep them busy and learning?  If they will be going, it does take some planning ahead.

First, collect information about summer activities you are interested in. Browse the local parenting magazines and rec center schedules for ideas; gather brochures for summer camps and enrichment classes; and ask your friends, neighbors, or coworkers what their families do during the summer break.

Next, decide what you can reasonably afford. Camp doesn't have to break the budget, but some are incredibly pricey.  There are many summer activities other than camp that don't cost a thing—I’ll be posting ideas and projects throughout the spring and summer. 

Talk to your kids to get their input. Of course, you as a parent will ultimately decide, but it's good to know if your daughter really has her heart set on soccer camp instead of basketball, or if your son has an interest in learning to play the guitar.

Finally, make your selection, and do it soon. Registration is open for a lot of camps now, and some fill up fast.

Whether or not camp is part of this summer’s plans for your kids, you might want  to have a few projects or hobbies in your back pocket to help fill the days when there’s nothing to do.  Even kids who do go to camp will still have some number of camp-free weeks during the summer.  They too will be looking for things to do.

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Hello ! Very nice article! Congrats :) About Day Camp or Sleep Away Camp: It also depends what your child needs to learn: for example if you want your children improve a language during a summer camp : they will learn better in a sleep away camp by meeting friends from other countries and practice all day long with friends and staffs . On top of that they will keep in touch with their new friends and practice all year long with social networks :)
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