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Of course this book is a slog - PANDAS
8/10/2011  •  Comment (1)
By emst

Just finishing Out of the Fog - Into the Light on my Kindle,

Also bouncing through my head is a note from my mom the other day that she's caught a rerun of Mystery Diagnosis the Boy who only Hopped

Mom said that the story unfolded a bit slowly. My immediate thought was well, yeah, that's because it takes 4 years to get a diagnosis but I did not zing that back in an e-mail.

Like Saving Sammy Out of the Fog - Into the Light is tedious in the unfolding drama unless you're a PANDAS parent in which case it's a page turner. Set in the late 90s author Elizabeth Ann Eberhardt who shares the byline with her husband and son, brings readers through every crazy at-home ritual, every mile driven on their trips out of state, every phone consult, celebrating each success, and sinking in each set-back. We all know this terrain but wow unless you've taken those road crazy trips, sat in on those deadening consults, how does anyone unaffected relate? Won't spoil it, it ends differently than Saving Sammy though both boys are recovering. Worth reading.

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