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Searching for Made in America.
3/10/2011  •  Comment
By gdt

Made in AmericaABCnews ran a series last week on products made in America - it really peaked my interest.   Like many watching the program I began to search around my home to see which items were made in America.   I did pretty well on furniture, but when it came to electronics I found few items not made in China.  

If you get a chance, I would recommend the series.  Made in America features a family who removes all items from their home NOT made in America.  The house was basically empty.   ABCnews than worked with them to identify and re-furnish the house. As I would have guess, they did a pretty good job on the furnishing.  The story was a little weak on the electronics.   

I've started this tab as a resource pages for those interested in sharing their favorite Made In America products and services.  Feel free to talkabout what you find and I will highlight some of the more interesting finds in the Journal. 

Good luck on your search.


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