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Radius Tooth Brush - Made in Kutztown, Pennsylvania
1/6/2012  •  Comment
By gdt

Radius Tooth BrushA great product that's American Made.   The original tooth brush designed by Radius happened in the Caribbean island of Tortola by James O'Halloran and Kevin Foley.   The founders took control of their manufacturing and renovated an old Mill in Kutztown, Pennsylvania in 1988.  The 20,000 square foot mill, built in 1863, was restored into a very beautiful workplace, where all RADIUS toothbrushes are manufactured. 

My Kids love the Scuba toothbrush – “The original idea for this product came from fascination with injection molded rubber. This material is bendy and non-slip, two qualities that are perfect for a toothbrush. In 1988 when we developed SCUBA, nobody was using rubber in toothbrushes (today 80% of toothbrushes use rubber).

SCUBA has a very bendy neck, it lets you know that you are applying too much pressure when you brush. The non-slip material reduces the amount of pressure needed to hold the handle and makes it very comfortable to use. An updated version of this brush now incorporates hexagonal tuft holes, hexagonal bristles and a much thinner head - an example of the translation of learned experience into product improvements.”

Radius has a number of very innovative (cool) designs that you can check out on their website and learn more about the company.  Radius Website   You can buy the toothbrush from a number of stores including Amazon.    Even Marth Stewart is a believer ... check out the video.  

Support another American Made Product ... Go Radius!




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