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A Lawn Mower That’s Good For The Environment
7/6/2011  •  Comment
By gdt

environmentally friendly moserA Mower that is not only Made-In-America, but it’s environmentally friendly! The American Mower Company has a series of Reel mowers that are manufactured, designed and distributed out of Shelbyville, Indiana and Muncie, Indiana. Look for the Reel mowers under the brand name “American Mower Company (models: 404-16,414-16,705-16,1404-16,1414-16,1705-16) and the Earthwise name (models: 1304-14EW,1405-16EW,1815-18EW,2001-20EW).

A brief history of the company: The company was founded in 1895 by the family of Robert B. Kersey, the grandfather of the company's current president. The original facility was in Richmond, In. The company moved to Muncie, In. in 1901.

In 1936 American Lawn Mower Company purchased another push reel mower manufacturer, Great States Corporation in Shelbyville, In. Today the company still operates out of the same plant and makes push reel mowers under both the American and Great States label with 50 employees producing 700 to 900 mowers a day.

Reviews on Amazon have given the Reel Mowers high marks and worth reading. We were happy to find another classic American product still manufactured in the United States, check out some of their other product if you have a chance (i.e. electric mowers).


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