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Sustainably Cool for Back to School
8/6/2012  •  Comment
By MegM

Green School Supplies


Sending the kids back to school means a lot of new purchases.  Can we still be green about our choices and give them what they need? Here’s how I approached it. I worked the doable compromise strategy:  start with two changes that bring you one step closer to green.

We decided to address the environment in our two biggest purchases: my son’s backpack and school clothes. Our choice was made easier by the fact that many schools now have very specific supply lists for their classroom items which allows less buying flexibility.

Doable compromise #1: Choose an eco-friendly backpack

My kid’s biggest concern is looking cool for school, but we didn’t have to choose substance over style. In the last several years, green products have exploded and the results are greater selections for eco-savvy consumers. I ordered our son’s new backpack from an online supplier. The Ultimate Green Store has lots of cool and modern options in backpacks.  Your daughter can still sport a pink or panda bear pack, keeping her both cute and conscious. The Ultimate Green Store

Doable compromise #2: Make sure that at least 50% of his back to school clothes are made of sustainable materials.

We looked for recycled and chemical-free materials. It takes careful label reading, but many large retailers including H&M, Nike, and industry giant Wal-Mart have started carrying eco-savvy products such as organic cotton clothing. Why is organic cotton so important? Traditional (non-organic) cotton production is responsible for a good deal of hazardous pesticide use. Another option is online store Greenedge Kids. They carry a huge variety of eco-designer brands with adorable styles, good prices, and free shipping with minimum purchase. 

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