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Recycling and Personal Space Issues
6/7/2012  •  Comment
By MegM

 Bins for Sorting RecyclablesIf you’re a family with children, pets, and lots of stuff the first issue you think of is not always saving the planet but saving space. When we committed to recycling I admit this was my biggest reservation.

My main questions:   How are we going to start a mini recycling plant in our house? Where are multiple bins going to go? Whose job is the work of recycling going to be? Can we guarantee it will be kept neat and won’t just add to the clutter in our home? We don’t have a large home, there’s no garage, (and no maid for that matter).

Here’s how I addressed my concerns:

1. Choose Your Recyclables. Decide how ambitious you’re going to be about the products you recycle. We’ve decided to start small and add different types of recyclables as our confidence grows.

2. Assign Space. Make sure before you begin the undertaking that you have a viable, workable space designated for your recyclables. We chose a corner of our pantry since that room is used to storage anyway.

3. Find Bins That Work. Buy or make bins that fit your space as well as your needs. There are a number of good ones on the market. Whether you buy or make your containers children enjoy being a part of the decision making process. 

4. Develop A System For Sorting. In order to control the recycling and its proper handling we familiarized ourselves with our local recycling center’s requirements for handling recyclables.

5. Make A Clear Schedule To Keep It Organized. Write a schedule detailing whose job it will be to make sure the recyclables are organized and maintained on a regular basis as well as when recyclables need to be ready for pick up or  transport to the recycling station.

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