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Closing a Tab without Deleting it?
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Is there a way to close a tab without deleting it?
It's wonderful that deleting a tab deletes all of it's contents for good - certainly! Yet, there are some occasions when there is a need to close, put on hold, or temporarily stop the use of a tab without while still preserving all of the contents on the tab.
This is the situation I am facing for two of my current list of tabs.
What options are there in these situations?




So, something like archiving a tab?    

Would you want the members of the tab to have access to the historical information or just the organizer (you)?     In this case it would mean turning off write access to a tab while it is in the archive state.

We don't currently have a tab archive feature, but I don't think it would be too hard to add once we understand what you have in mind.

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Oh... archive feature would be exactly perfect!

Well... allowing access to members would be fine, I think in some situations, or maybe for some members. Maybe just add a box in everyone's priveledges section that allows or disallows whether they can continue access during an archived condition.

Great idea! 

Thanks again for your quick response and your wonderful practice of listening to your users and willingness to consider how they use your product!

Linh Linh
I was wondering how the archiving feature is coming.

Will archived tabs be seen under Managed Tabs, but not show up on the top row of tabs, or how would we access the archives again?


Happy New Year!
Linh Linh
We are thinking that the top row of tabs will become your tab favorites bar (subset).  The Dashboard will contain your full list of tabs.

A tab that has been archived will:

1) become read-only
2) if public made private
3) invitation option will be turned off
4) tab organizer will change a tabs status to "archive" under Manage.
5) archived tab will not appear in the top row of tabs
6) group members can still read the content in a tab, but no new content can be added.

Does this sound like what you need?

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Sounds just like what I was thinking! That would work wonderfully!

Thank you!

Sounds like you are working on it. Much appreciated!
Linh Linh
Just wondering how archiving was coming along? Thanks!
Linh Linh
Archiving is under development / testing now and hopefully we will roll this feature out mid-May.
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Super! Great to hear it!

Thanks for all your work!

Linh Linh