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Changes to the tabUp calendar coming this week
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We've been working hard to simplify and streamline the tabUp calendar.   The upcoming changes are needed so we can continue to develop more advance tabUp functionality.    Some of the less used features will be going away and we will be introducing some new features in future releases to tabUp.

Changes coming with this release of the calendar:

- A more friendly event entry form and less business like (i.e. Microsoft Outlook).

- New calendar navigation interface.

- Reducing the number of private calendars to one. For those that have multiple private calendars we will aggregate your appointments in to a single "Private" calendar. In the future feel free to create multiple calendars for your private use by creating new private tabs.

- Adding a more visual interface to see "Who Will Attend" events you've posted to a group.

If you have any questions about these changes feel free to post a reply to this thread or contact us directly (contact menu - page footer).


We've made updates / changes to the calendar today, so please let us know if you have any problems with the latest release of tabUp.   You can either post to this thread or send us a note directly using the contact menu.
TabUp TabUp
Has the sub group option been added?
BrydenMCK BrydenMCK
Not in this most recent release, we are working out some of the logic issues.
TabUp TabUp
How do I change "my event" category under "calendars" in the calendar app, so that new items added to the calendar is added to the correct 'calendar' group/layer/color?

Linh Linh
The current calendar logic is that you can create multiple tabs, each with their own calendar (color).  When you add an event, this event can be assigned to any of your tabs or to a private calendar layer.    Each tab has it's own color assigned in the dashboard settings menu.    A tab calendar event can be accepts as in "Will you attend" to a private calendar and will now show up in both the tab and private calendar layers.   Your private calendar layer is a view of your event - events added to the private calendar and events that are accepted from a tab.

In the past we had the ability to create multiple private calendar layers, but we had to retire this feature as we get ready to add additional feature (i.e. mobile device calendar integration).
TabUp TabUp
Great thanks! 
If I had set a private calendar layer previously, is there a way to delete it and only choose from the tabs I have for calendars?
Linh Linh
There should be a single layer under My Evens called "Private"  this is the layer you can add non-tab event and accept as "Will you attend".      So, if you or a member of one of your tabs creates a tab event you can mark it as well attend - this way to have the ability to turn on only the private calendar layer to see events you will attend vs. all events across all tabs. 

Once an event is marked as "Will attend" it shows up in the calender in 2 colors (private layer color and tab color).
TabUp TabUp
How do I see calendar on iPhone?
gswanner gswanner
On the tabUp mobile website  go to the Agenda page.   Scroll to the bottom of the page and select the "Start Date" button.   From this view you will see all days that contain events.  You can then select any day to see the agenda view for the next seven days with events.
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