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Macmillan’s Sci-Fi and Fantasy Publisher Dropping Digital Rights Encoding
4/26/2012  •  Comment


Tor Publishing is making its titles Digital Rights Management (DRM)-free in a test run that may give ebook owners better control over the content they purchase.  Now buyers of any ebook on the Tor list will be able to move that book from one reader to another without having to go through stripping the DRM.

Market-savvy J.K. Rowling has used her clout to offer her titles DRM-free exclusively through her own website.   Perhaps surprisingly, this has not increased the pirating of her books.  Tor president and publisher Tom Doherty sees the majority of the sci-fi and fantasy community as a sophisticated group of readers that will benefit from this openess and use it for legitimate purposes not piracy.

If other publishers follow suit, this kind of change certainly would take some of the risk out of building an ebook library for consumers.  As much as I enjoy my Kindle, I’m reluctant to sink too much money into content for it.  The standard-size Kindle screen isn’t ideal for me, and Amazon has been stubborn about the price-point on the larger Kindle DX.

As I wait for Apple’s hybrid LCD, E-Ink display, I’ll continue to be conservative in purchasing DRM-protected titles.

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