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Welcome to people who find that clothes hurt
1/10/2009  •  Comment
By TabUp

When you have fibromyalgia, clothes can be a pain.  Anything with a hint of restraint around my hips or lower will also send me into abdominal cramps so I started going bottomless before I went topless.  Underwire bras can leave those tender points under the arms totally bruised and clothes washed in the wrong washing detergent can make me itch so in the hot weather, I give up and go nude.  I live on my own or else I did until my son moved back home and it is getting way too close to being able to put up with clothes on in the privacy of my own home - so he will be leaving soon.

However there are some rules that I found out from a nudist organization that are worth remembering if you take off your clothes: 

If your bottom is bare, cover the chair.


That being said, feel free to remove your clothes while you are reading my journal and double check that your web cam is NOT going.


For those that like skinny dipping - check out the Free Beach Association of Australia


For those that visit the homes of people who are not wearing clothes because they hurt or because of the hot weather please remember:


Wait a while at the door, or else you`ll see more, than you bargained for.

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