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Not Just Pretty Letters -- More on Cursive
4/29/2011  •  Comment

Graphisme -  French CursiveThe New York Times weighs in on the question of whether the ability to write in cursive is what educators like to call “a twenty-first century skill.”

One interesting point the article raises is the danger that the rejection of cursive will lead to the loss of connection to archival material. One college student recounts her experience of not being able to read her grandmother’s journal.

If you can, watch this British short documentary video* about France’s approach to teaching cursive. I find the philosophy of the art teacher particularly inspiring. He talks about the learning of graphisme leading to pleasure in the whole writing process.


*Note: The teachertv website is going offline as of tonight due to austerity measures affecting the UK Department of Education. Their videos will be archived elsewhere at a later date. I’ll try to link to their new location when they become available.

Tags: creativity; cursive; primary sources