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Khan Academy Countdown to September
8/16/2011  •  Comment

Click on KhanWe’re just back from vacation and have exactly three weeks until the start of school. I did let the kids slack off on the math. They spent a lot of time playing music, improving their swimming, and reading. It’s been a pretty well-rounded summer so far.

Now it’s time to limber up for math. Five days of math each week until school starts.  We’ve been using Khan Academy and want to use it more regularly this school year. Our school's math program has not provided the kind of practice that supports mastery.

I was excited to see that Salman Khan now has a series of lectures for Singapore math on his website. He’s starting with Grade 3 of the California Standards edition. I assume this is in support of a classroom pilot project Khan is doing in California.

There are no directly corresponding exercises on the Khan website for the Singapore lectures, but the workbooks are available here.

For now, we’ll probably stick to the original Khan arithmetic exercises and supplement with an occasional viewing of one of Khan’s Singapore videos. I think they do support the development of number sense.

If our schools were using the Singapore curriculum, I would prioritize these videos. With limited time for math practice, I think the regular Khan videos with exercises are more valuable than these new videos for our family.


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