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Parent Involvement – Understanding How Education Policy Affects Curriculum
1/18/2012  •  Comment

All but five states have adopted the Common Core Standards.  If you have a student in one of these states, your children likely will be taught under new curricula in the fall. 

If you haven’t explored the documentation at the Common Core website, here is some incentive from Hung-Hsi Wu’s Statement of Support,  “How Good are the Common Core math Standards?”:

“CCSS gives precise mathematical guidance on how to develop [the twin pillars that support algebra I, rational numbers and similar triangles] in grades 5-8.  The detailed description of the grade-by-grade progressions of both topics is unprecedented.”

“Professional development in mathematics requires immense funding and real expertise.  At the moment we seem to have neither.  So we must be willing to work our way up from scratch.”

Professor Wu earned his PhD in mathematics at MIT, started teaching at UC Berkeley in 1973, and has been actively involved in math education for twenty years.  You can find links to numerous articles he’s written here.

Professor Wu's assertion concerning the lack of preparedness of teachers to execute the new standards in the classroom is a real wake-up call.  Public school systems’ professional development budgets have taken a significant hit in the economic downturn.  Not many districts will have the resources to prepare teachers to the degree required to implement these standards well.

The clock continues to tick while schools figure out how to implement the new standards.   At the same time that schools must implement the mathematics standards, they are challenged with implementing new English Language Arts curricula. 

I’ll visit the ELA Common Core another day. . .

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